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5 Things you Should Consider before Buying a Holiday Home

27th December 2017

Deciding to buy a holiday home is an exciting step. It can lead to financial rewards and could also be an investment for you to enjoy and spend time in too. However, taking on the responsibility of a holiday home and making it a successful venture takes careful consideration and planning. We have put together 5 key factors you should consider before buying a holiday home.

The Perfect Home

Holiday lets are where visitors will come to create memories and enjoy their time away. It is important that you create a space in which people can feel comfortable. You want your guests to feel that your property is a home away from home, with that little bit of extra luxury. Whether you are renting your home to big groups, or families searching for fun and adventure, or a couple looking for a romantic trip away, it is important that you have the space and facilities to cater for all.


Going on holiday is about taking a much-needed break and immersing yourself in a new area, enjoying a wonderful location. It is therefore no surprise that location is a key factor when it comes to purchasing a holiday let. Research your desired holiday let location. The perfect area will beat off competition and make your holiday let rewarding.


We all know the frustration that travelling can bring to a holiday. Getting to your desired holiday destination is tiring, and getting home after a wonderful trip can feel even more arduous. Choosing a holiday home that is a mission to get to and from could be off-putting and deter holidaymakers financially. Being close to transport links is always a bonus. Potential guests might want an adventure, but finding the perfect middle ground will entice vacationers to stay at your holiday let.

Amenities and Adventure

Whether you are choosing a holiday let in a tourist paradise or a remote area, make sure there are local amenities. Even if guests are looking for time away from the hustle and bustle of city living, and finding refuge in your idyllic, quiet holiday home off the beaten track, they may still want the option to eat out at a restaurant, enjoy a drink at a bar or explore local shops. Being near a town, no matter how small, will be welcomed by most holidaymakers.

Looking after your Holiday Let

Keeping your holiday home clean and well looked after is imperative. Not providing an exceptional level of cleanliness to your guests will no doubt encourage bad reviews and subsequently no income. If you have chosen to purchase a holiday home that is not near to your local area, or you are busy with other commitments, consider using a letting agency. It is important to do your research and find the right property management service who, for a fee, will take care of both your home and guests.

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