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Why You Should Use a Letting Agent for Your Property

18th June 2017

Do you want to invest in a holiday let without the hassle?

As a landlord, investing in holiday lets is exciting and great for extra income. However, dealing with property maintenance and tenants is not for everyone and that is where a letting agent can help.

In order to get the most out of your holiday let and ensure a healthy financial return, it needs to be kept in tip top condition. It is important to remember that happy renters lead to holiday let success. To impress your guests and maximise your home’s full potential, every detail needs to be managed from start to finish. A letting agent can help with this.

Get the best out of your holiday let with Fresh Air

At Fresh Air Property Management, this is our expertise. We offer a full range of services, taking the stress out of managing and running a property let. This way you can enjoy your holiday home and its financial benefits.

What we offer

Decorating Services

We can support you at the very start of your exciting holiday let journey. Decorating your holiday let is very important. Your personal taste in decor may not be right when it comes to succeeding on holiday let listings, which is where we come in. Offering expert advice on decor and furnishings through to installations, our specialists will guide you through the process to ensure that you get noticed and stand out from competitors.

Property Listing and Price Optimisation

Advertising your property is vital and when done correctly can catapult you to rental victory. Offering professional photography and by using our industry knowledge to list your property on the right platforms, we look to get you noticed by the perfect tenants. It doesn’t stop there. We can also manage your property’s rental calendar, providing a bespoke booking service and removing the risk of double bookings.

Meet and Greet Guest

Making guests feel welcome is an important part of the experience. We help guests settle in whilst providing knowledge of the local area. Creating a secure, happy and friendly atmosphere will only enhance your tenants’ experience. From check in to check out, we will make sure your tenants feel looked after.

Welcome Baskets

Going the extra mile for guests will always be appreciated and could make you stand out when it comes to reviews. Tenants like to know that they are getting value for money. Offering a welcome basket for guests is the perfect way to set the tone and start their holiday off on a positive note. We can arrange tailor baskets to suit each guest’s individual requirements, adding that unique touch. A service that will not go unnoticed by your holiday guests.

Hotel Cleaning and Laundry Services

No one on a relaxing break away wants to find that stray hair in the bed sheets or dust on the chest of drawers. Tenants expect high standards of cleanliness from holiday rentals, much like they would in a hotel. Using professional cleaning and laundry companies, we make sure that all homes are spotless from top to bottom, perfect for every guest.

Guest Screening and Communication

Your home, your rules. Just because you have decided to rent out your homes does not mean that you should have no control over what goes on inside it. We screen every rental request, ensuring effective communication with prospective tenants by answering any questions, giving them security and confidence in the property.

24/7 Support Service

Unfortunately, even in property rental homes things can unexpectedly go wrong and tenants expect you to be on hand to fix the problem day or night. Having a team of maintenance professionals on call 24/7 allows us to carry out required repairs immediately on your behalf.

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