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10 Tips for Letting Out Your Holiday Home

27th June 2017

Are you interested in turning your home into a profitable holiday let?

If so, Fresh Air has you covered with 10 top tips for all you budding holiday home landlords and ladies.

1. It is all about the location

It is important to remember that your home will be the make or break of someone’s holiday. Location is key for many holiday renters. Make sure you have knowledge of the local area. Spend time eating at the local restaurants and try activities so that you can give your listing the personal touch.

2. Is your home rental ready?

We all have different taste when it comes to our dream home decor. With this in mind, it is important to keep the colour pallet as neutral as possible. Stay away from patterned or bright wallpapers. Keep your rooms light and open. Add pops of colour through furniture and homeware. Create a space that feels relaxed and safe. When going on holiday, people want to experience that little bit of luxury along with having simple everyday necessities. Getting this right could be crucial when it comes to people choosing to rent your property.

3. Price your property fairly

When it comes to rental prices it is important that you get it right for both you and your renters. Do your research on rentals in the surrounding area, compare what your home has to offer and price accordingly. Be reasonable with pricing but never sell yourself short. If your let is furnished to a high standard and offers luxuries that holiday makers dream about, this should reflect in your rental price.

4. Sell your let effectively

Once your holiday let is ready for the market, it is time to start selling what you have to offer to perspective renters. In your advertising, the description is extremely important when enticing holidaymakers to you home. Seize the opportunity to sell your home’s unique qualities. It is not enough to merely talk about the home, sell the entire experience that could be had whilst on vacation in your holiday home.

5. Photography is key

It is crucial that a strong description is supported by high quality visuals. Imagery should reflect what you are selling in your descriptions. Images of your home both inside and out are top priority, however, adding extra pictures of the local area are always a bonus.

6. Pet friendly?

We are a nation of animal lovers, with many of us considering our pets as one of the family. Making your holiday let animal-friendly could open-up new potential renters. However, if you do choose to do this, make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned between tenants.

7. Get the legal stuff right!

In a world, full of rules and regulations it is no surprise that letting out your holiday home has some legal requirements that need to be met. It is important that you have the correct insurance and liability covers and that you declare any extra earnings to the HMRC for tax purposes.

8. Good relations with renters

Renters are your business, so it is important that you treat them well and give them the holiday experience they pay for. Create a good dialog between you and your customers, and give them the opportunity to post reviews about their experience. This will not only help you to build your reputation and credibility, but will also allow you to see what is working and highlight improvements that need to be made.

9. Be prepared for a spanner in the works

Unfortunately, issues will arise, many are hard to prepare for. Whether it is an appliance breaking in the home or an unhappy customer leaving a less than satisfied review, it is important to remain professional and deal with the issue in hand. Try hard not to take anything personally and enjoy owning a holiday let.

10. Fresh Air is here to help!

Holiday lets are an amazing investment opportunity; however, it is not always possible to be on call to meet your renters’ demands. At Fresh Air Property Management, our services include Property Listings and Price Optimisation to Guest Screening and Hotel Cleaning with Laundry Services. We can guide you through the entire process of setting up your holiday home with 24/7 service support, taking the work out of holiday lets allowing you to simply enjoy the rewards.

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