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5 Top Tips to Make Your Holiday Rental Appeal to Families

15th August 2017

Does Your Holiday Rental Appeal to Families?

Taking time out and creating happy holiday memories with your family is what life is all about. As soon as school holidays come around your property could appeal to one of the most lucrative holiday let markets.

Tip 1: Make sure you have enough space

Spending time with the family is fun. However, it is important that your home provides enough space for families to be together without feeling like they are treading on each other’s toes. Having enough room for children to run around and play is extremely important. A good-sized garden and inside space is what will draw parents to your holiday let. Providing bunk beds or two single beds in one of your bedrooms is also an important feature that parents will look for when on the hunt for a holiday rental.

Tip 2: Show your holiday rental is family friendly on listings

Drawing potential families to your listing is key. Include pictures of families spending quality time in your rental property. Paint the perfect picture of how renting your home is the ideal choice for holidaymakers seeking a trip to remember.

Tip 3: Provide equipment

Going the extra mile is key for happy renters. Make a good impression, and satisfied guests will in turn provide good recommendations making you stand out from the competition. Providing equipment for babies and young children such as a cot or highchair will be a blessing to parents, especially when it comes to packing for the holiday. You can also think about supplying entertainment such as DVDs, books, and the all-important WiFi for all household users.  Appliances such as a washing machine and tumble dryer are important, along with cooking equipment which will allow renters the option to eat together in the home. It is crucial to make sure that all the equipment offered to guests meets health and safety standards.

Tip 4: Provide a safe environment

Accidents happen; however, you can safeguard your home with equipment that will allow parents to breathe easy. It is important to review all potential hazards and deal with them before renting out your holiday home. Fence off any water areas such as a swimming pool or pond. Install covers over sockets. Provide fire guards. These safety measures are extremely important when it comes to the safety of children and should be carried out effectively.

Tip 5: Welcome pack for the children

Once parents have chosen your holiday rental, it is important to make the whole family feel welcome. You may want to think about creating a welcome pack for your guests. Perhaps leave something for the children, whether it is a bag of sweets or a paint by numbers. Special touches like these will show that you care about your renters. Guests also value a list of fun family excursion ideas and suggestions of local places that the family can visit.

At Fresh Air Property Management, we take the hassle out of property lets. Whether it is hotel standard cleaning and laundry services, or arranging and tailoring the perfect welcome basket for your guests, we can help. Then you can relax and enjoy the income your holiday let can provide.

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