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How to get a higher ranking Airbnb listing

8th December 2017

Why is it important to have a high ranking Airbnb listing?

Airbnb’s search algorithm has become extremely complex! Well on the way to being as creepy as the likes of Facebook and Google. Lets face it when you Google something you will look at the top three results and if you find what you need you move on. It is the same with your Airbnb listing, higher rankings produce greater income.

Airbnb themselves state that results are personalised. That each guest will see different results when searching based on the preferences they add, their past booking history, and other search criteria.  Although the search system is complicated, there are things you can be doing to boost your Airbnb search ranking.

Response rate is key!

Firstly your response rate, Airbnb makes money when you do. They like it when you respond quickly and secure a booking, increasing their income as well as your own. You can keep check on your response rate, you ideally want to keep this at 100%.

Another key factor is having an up to date calendar, let Airbnb know you are a proactive host. Constantly have your eye on the ball and by doing this there should be no need to decline or cancel bookings. Keeping on top of your calendar is vital when trying to improve your Airbnb listing and income.

Pricing is equally as important, you should change your pricing regularly, for special events, to fill any gaps in your calendar and to ensure you are competitive. Setting a base price and leaving it unfortunately will not get you a first page spot!

Staying active!

The main thing is to stay active! Simply logging in everyday may help you boost your ranking. We appreciate this is time consuming, this is why we offer a service whereby we can do all of this for you ensuring you have the highest ranking listing possible! Contact us to find out how we can help.


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