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What to Consider before becoming a Holiday Rental Landlord

14th October 2017

Tips for New Holiday Let Landlords

Taking on the challenge to become a Holiday Rental Landlord can be rewarding both personally and financially. However, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly! At Fresh Air, we know that preparation and research is key to having investment success. So here are our top tips to help get you ready for life as a landlord.

Being a Landlord is a Job

The life of a landlord is certainly not 9-5. Maintaining your property and keeping guests happy, needs to be at the forefront of your mind at all times. Dealing with problems that may arise, from maintenance issues to chasing payment, the life of a landlord can be busy! Hiring a letting agent will take away much of the stress that can come with property investment.

Take your Time and get it Right

It is easy to buy property in a sought-after location and let it out straight away. However, it is important to remember that the more time put into the property, the better return you will have. Going that extra mile with decor, utilities and even welcome baskets for each new guest, can bring holiday let success.

Wise up on Rules and Regulations

As with any business, building a strong customer relationship is key to success and this is the same when it comes to guests. Remember your guests are paying you to deliver a safe place for them to stay. As a landlord, you take on extra liability. You are the person responsible for the safety of the occupants of your home. Prepare yourself and research all you need to know when it comes to tax, security, health and safety and eviction laws. Being knowledgeable will help you feel confident when it comes to keeping your home safe and making the investment worthwhile.

Always be prepared for obstacles

Any job can feel stressful at times, and there is always the chance of things going wrong; it is the same with property rentals. There are many great opportunities and rewards that can be enjoyed from being a landlord, however, you should always be prepared for issues that may arise and deal with them accordingly. Every step of your investment adventure will be a learning experience, from dealing with unruly or unhappy guests to unexpected damages and costs. Being a landlord for a holiday let will keep you on your toes, but will at the same time be a rewarding experience in so many ways.

At Fresh Air, we offer a full holiday rental management service, to make your life as a holiday let landlord easy. From listing your property and verifying guests, through to a laundry service and meet and greet, we take care of everything. Please call 01243 940330 or get in touch for more details.

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