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Renting out Your Home when Travelling

29th September 2017

Going Travelling and Want to Make Money?

Renting out your home while you explore the wonders of the world could be a great option for you. Are you considering a trip and have an empty home in need of human TLC while you are gone? This blog post can help determine if a vacation rental is the solution for you and how to do it right.

Is Renting for You?

The home, for most of us, is our pride and joy. Aside from being one of the biggest financial assets we have, it is our safe place. It is, therefore, understandable that some will find it difficult to rent their home to strangers. However, if you are easy going when it comes to people enjoying your living space, it can be a great form of income. And, with the right tenants, you know your home is being looked after.

Finding the Perfect Tenants

Whether you live in an exciting fast-paced city or the peaceful countryside, there will always be a potential renter waiting for your property. Finding that perfect tenant, or tenants, is most important. First, it is crucial to identify what you are looking for in a tenant. Think about how many people you are willing to rent to and for what duration of time. Will you allow pets or smoking? What other criteria would you set when it comes to picking the perfect person to rent your home?

Finding the right candidate can feel like a chore, and not something many of us look forward to. However, online sites such as Airbnb make the process of getting your property noticed and snapped up much easier. You can also hire a property manager to take the stress off your shoulders. They will handle both the rental and the maintenance of your home for a small fee.

Ready… Rent… Go!

Once you have found your ideal tenant and feel content that your home is being left in good hands, making sure your home is rental ready is key to happy tenants and building good relationships. Welcome them into your home. Leave information about the local area, where they can go to have a good time, and where things are around the house and how to use them.

It all seems simple, but it is the little things that will impress tenants and make their lives easier. Remember, it is your home, you are not moving out, you are simply going away. Do not be afraid to set rules and express to tenants what you expect. Take note of household items and inspect the condition of your home before and after your trip to ensure everything is perfectly in order and that no additional charges need to be made to your tenants when they vacate.

Fresh Air Property Management takes all the hassle away from you. Please get in touch to find out more about the services we offer to make your holiday letting experience go smoothly.

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