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Why Are Staycations On The Rise In The UK?

27th July 2017

Are more British holidaymakers choosing a staycation this year?

The annual summer holiday is considered essential by many British families. As a result, when bookings for holidays abroad drop, it stands to reason that holiday bookings for staycations in the UK will rise. This is what we are seeing in 2017.

Holiday providers reported a notable increase in 2017 UK holiday bookings in the first half of this year. In fact, according to travel marketing group, Sojern, there has been a 23.8% increase in British holidaymakers planning a UK holiday this summer. This figure is based on searches and bookings made between October 2016 and January 2017, with departure dates between June and August 2017. Similarly, Pitchup, an online campsite and holiday parking website, reported a substantial rise in domestic holidays bookings from 34% to 46% following Brexit.

What has caused the UK staycation increase in 2017?

We saw a similar trend in rising UK staycations when the economy suffered in 2009. That year, almost 3 million extra camping and caravanning vacations were booked in the UK, compared to bookings in 2008.

There are several factors influencing British holidaymakers to opt for a UK holiday this year.


Brexit is shouldering the blame for all manner of things, but there is no escaping the fact that it has affected consumers’ confidence. Undisputedly, Brexit also led to a fall in the value of the pound. This has had a knock-on effect with budget-conscious Britons choosing carefully where and how to spend their cash.

Consumer slowdown

Data published by the Office for National Statistics in June, highlighted that British workers are currently taking home £15 less a week in earnings after tax and deductions than they were in March 2008.

With growing signs of consumer slowdown, we are seeing changes in spending behaviour. Earlier in July, credit card, Visa, revealed that consumers are more focused in their purchases. Brits are holding back on trips out and household goods, but using their money for what they see as essential. As we have already established, Britons still want their summer holiday. If they perceive that the usual popular European destinations are unaffordable, they will opt to holiday closer to home. There is also a trend for shorter trips, for example 3 days instead of a week. A win for providers of UK staycations.

Slumping pound

The slumping pound has resulted in more-costly European holidays for UK holidaymakers. At the same time, Britain has become more affordable to overseas tourists. So, overall, UK holidays are increasingly in demand.

Exchange rate

A recent poll by Cheapflights, of 2,000 Brits, showed that 49% of us are concerned about unfavourable exchange rates, affecting the decision to holiday abroad. The pound to dollar and pound to euro exchange rates suffered following Brexit, putting some off travelling abroad for their holiday.

Visitors to the UK

It is not only the Brits holidaying in the UK. VisitBritain forecasts 38.1 million visits to the UK in 2017, an increase of 4% on 2016. This equates to an increase of 8.1% in visitor spending, expected to reach a whopping £24.1 billion this year.

UK holiday bookings from France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US have all visibly increased to date this year. Even with more of us opting for a staycation and remaining in the UK for our holiday, US visitors still top the charts in the UK tourism market.

It is no surprise that holidaymakers, from Britain or abroad, want to holiday in the UK. It is a beautiful country with stunning countryside and a spectacular coastline. What better time is there to let your home to holidaymakers and earn an income from it. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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